About Me

I am a 36 year old lady who only started her journey in the world of nail polish addiction last year. It started with 7 pinks and a desire to have polka dot nails. A fab lass in my hairdressers, Mel advised me to get a dotting pen. But then I was advised by my husbands auntie to get some dotting tools and use my own polish to get any colour dots.

So since September last year I have about 300ish polishes and more stamping plates than you could shake a stick at. I started my blog as I wanted to show real nails and what they actually looked like. Whilst it is lovely to look at perfect nails that never show a blemish, mine are never ever like this. So, I promise my pictures are always true and exactly as I have painted them, but I cannot promise they will ever be perfect. Every view posted on my blog is my honest thoughts about what I have used and how easy it has been to apply.

If anyone wants to contact me please email nailpron@hotmail.co.uk

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