Sunday, 30 September 2012

Half Moon Fail

I like half moons, I think they can look really effective and pretty. This mani didn't start life as a half moon. I wanted to use Models Own Copper Pot with Copper Glitter over the top. But when I looked at them I didn't get it, so I decided to use something else over the top. This is where the disaster occurred.

Somewhere in my little head I thought the perfect partner was China Glaze 'Electrify' I must admit it was dark, and my eyes aren't the best. But the next morning I was not impressed.  The colours were just so close but not the same so they didn't gel.

However, I am not one to hide my failures, so thought you would all like a giggle. Next time I will put Electrify over black, I think that would be the perfect partner.

Sunday British Bloggers Round Up

Second time I have done this, but I do hope that people are enjoying it. Here is a weekly roundup of what the ladies in the British Bloggers group have been doing this week. 

Hope you all have a happy Sunday, and find some new bloggers out there who tickle your fancy. 
British Nail Bloggers 
Emma has had a week of using Barry M Gelly polishes and created her most favourite mani ever multi coloured spots and stripes over at Emma's Little Corner.

Nada'sl penguin obsession is getting out of hand! the little minions are on her nails this week!! 

This week on Pie's Eyes Lyndsay has used her new Cheeky stamping plates to create a Double Stamped Manicure plus there's a handy hint for stamping clean up too. 

Claire at nuthin' but a nail thing is continuing with the 30 Day Challenge (the end is in sight!) and did a Panda Bear Manicure inspired by the book Eats, Shoots & Leaves.

It's been HoloWeek at the Nail Newbie, featuring lots of holo goodness such as a GOSH Holographic Hero wear test, a some tribal nail art and this holo cloudicure with a-England Tristam. 

This week has been Carlyn's very first week of blogging featuring some of her favourite stamping designs Pretty Stamping on Sapphire Such a stand out design. 

Well today is the last day of the 30 Day Challenge! at Northern Nails but on the Bright side it is Jo's birthday tommorrow !.

Wendy from Wendy's Delights is having a cracking time with her Croc Effect nails by Barry M
As a collector of vodka bottles, a Smirnoff Vodka Manicure was in order on Enigmatic Rambles blog this week!

PishPosh and Polish's Kerrie is wearing shock horror! PINK this week!
This is Carlyn's first blog week Flower stamping on Sapphire polish one of my favourites 

Sally of Nail Pron has brightened up a sad week with the brightest green daisy doticure you have ever seen in your life. 

PrettyKittyClaws is joined by a hare and a dog this week with the gorgeous Hare Dog Day Dream 
Dimpal of Crazy Polishes has almost come to the end of the 30 days challenge and wearing this Inspired by Supernatural Mani Inspired by Supernatural
Ruth has a new favourite polish that is purple and splarkly, yay! 

Sarah Louise, creates a Ghostbuster Manicure Using Models Own and W7 Polishes 

Charlotte has decided her stash needs some cleansing, so she's set up a blog sale with some great British brands 

Kerry takes an adventure with GALAXY inspired nails. 

Vic continues 30 days of untrieds with A Scream manicure inspired by art work 

Lou has another KBShimmer polish to share with you all

Saturday, 29 September 2012

My Confession...

You know I was on a no buy. Well, I had some gift vouchers in my purse and they kinda burned a hole and these fell into it!

 NYC Full Metal Jacket on the left, and Rock Muse Smoky Top Coat on the right. This appears to be black with glitter in it.

Miss Sporty Duochromes, no names, I hate that, but they are 040 on the left, 010 on the middle and 030 on the right. I think the one on the right looks like an opaque Indian Ocean by Models Own.

Then finally, Gelly Watermelon, Gelly Satsuma, Gelly Blackberry, Web Effects Special Edition, Yellow Topaz Glitter, Pink Sapphire Glitter and Diamond Glitter.

Cannot wait to get these babies on my fingers!

I'm Loud I'm Proud, Get Used to Me

I am unfortunate enough to come from a town where the EDL are protesting today. For people who don't know these people coin themselves as the 'English Defence League' and they are against radical islamist. However, when you read more into them they seem to hate anyone they don't consider belongs in the UK.

I don't like people like this, and I don't want to be associated with them. I firmly beleive that we should live and let live. I don't care where someone comes from, I don't care what they beleive in. I like nice people, and that comes top on my list. So, in defence of my little down I have been trying to let @Official_EDL aware of my thoughts on twitter. At least it has kept me amused for the morning.

As we live near the centre of town I can tell that the Police helicopter has just arrived and is hovering over the town centre. Lets just hope no one has got hurt. Hate really isn't worth it.

Anyway, onto better things. These are my lovely nails. After the brightness of yesterday I wanted something more muted, but just as beautiful, so I have cracked out my stamping plates to great effect. The base is three coats of China Glaze Hook and Line and I have used DRK A and Konad Special Paint in Black over the top. Think the effect is lovely, but very muted. I wonder what it would look like matte?

So goodbye from me for today. Lets hope the EDL don't come to a town near you soon.

Update - I couldn't resist and matted the polish with Leighton Denny Make it Matter and I adore it. It looks like fabric instead of polish. I LOVE IT

Friday, 28 September 2012

New Beginnings

After yesterday being suitably sombre I decided that today should represent new life, and what better new life than flowers.

I lurve daisys, they are just so pretty and beautiful and simple, so here they are adorning my nails. Must admit this mani got quite a few compliments as I went about my day and I would love to do it again.

I used China Glaza Kiwi Cool Ada as the base, with the middle dot being made from Barry M 134 Yellow and the white dots using Rimmel French Tip White.

Don't forget, we have the Pinktober challenge coming up for Breast Cancer. Can't wait to have a whole month of pink. Its like I have landed in heaven.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

A Sad Day

I have been to a funeral today. My husband lost his uncle, so my nails were suitably sombre. It felt strange, because I usually love them bright. but it was perfect for the occasion.

The colour is W7 'Cosmic Black'. It goes on matte with a very slight shimmer. But I wanted things to be more dull if possible, so used a coat of Leighton Denny 'Make it Matter'.

RIP Ray, the world is a poorer place without you.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

On The Train To 50%

Today feels a little momentous really. I have reached 1/3 of my stash which has been used. It actually feels quite liberating. Also, when I have got most of the way through my stash then I can buy more :)

Today is the day for a lovely red. Not a colour I wear often, but I think it looks quite lovely. Its Ma Cherie by Orly. For the tips I have used W7 Lava Flow which is a pale grey/white with tiny black, grey and metallic red glitter in it.

Must admit I really like the effect, and would like to try something similar with W7 Mosaic ( but can't as I have already used it :( )

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Tuesday's Blue

Bit of a pun on the song from The Cure, but its a good one so why not. 

Got this new polish from W7, 'Multi Dazzle'. it is really lovely. This is one coat over Catrice, Blue Cara Ciao. It was a bit to bright for what has been a grey almost flooded day. But I think bringing a bit of brightness into the world is a good thing. 

Although this was tip wear after 12 hours with one coat of Seche Vite, so its pretty awful. I do spend most of the my day typing though, so that does give it a bit of an excuse. 

Inside I know I want to try Multi Dazzle over other polishes, maybe a bright orange like Rusty But Sexy. Oooh yeah!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Shhhhh! I Got A Crackle Working!

Now, to some people this isn't anything amazing, but to me its massive. For ages I have envied those who get beautiful crackled nails at a blink. Mine were never like that, they glooped, or worse, some crackled and others didn't. 

But after listening to the lovely StarryStarry I was enthused to have another go. Rather than buy another cheap crackle I decided to go for a Barry M, a brand I trust. Put quite a contrast on my fingers first with Models Own Fuzzy Peach as I knew it would show through against the white, then left it to dry for AGES. 

By gawd, it worked. SO chuffed.  (also another two off the unused list) Now I just have to get the two Barry M crocs to work.

On another note, nail etiquette for a funeral? should it just be black, or can I go for a very subtle grey and black?

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Its Sunday, Its Got To Be Nail O'Clock

I cannot believe that another week has past. It is almost like the world has started spinning faster and I just can't keep up. The hours we are missing are the ones during the night I am sure.

Worked out this morning that I have 440 polishes, and have only used 137 of them. Quite frankly I am going to fail at my intention to use all of them before Christmas. With 14 weeks left that is only 98 days, Even with the best will in the world and using two new colours per mani, thats only 196 towards my goal.

Taking all this into account my no buy is going to continue. But, with a different purpose. All the cash I would normally spend on polishes I am going to piggy bank up and my husband and I can go on holiday with it. Now how cool is that? This holiday will have to be the USA, and I don't want to be more than about 5 nights as I will be leaving little Dobby at home and that will be super hard. Done New York to death, so where the hell should I consider? I quite fancy Washington DC, but neeeed to go to Florida to the Harry Potter park. Who knows where the polish shopping is really good ? ( don't tell my husband its all about that lol)

Anyway, todays mani. I had a bit of a bargain a few weeks ago at TKMaxx and came across OPI Stranger Tides and Come to Poppy for £9.99. Stranger Tides is a lovely pale green which is almost a pastel khaki and Come to Poppy, well its pink, sometimes its orange, sometimes its pale red.

Although not supposed to go together I think they look quite good.  What do you think?

British Bloggers Weekly Roundup - 23/09/2012

British Nail Bloggers

This is the first time I have posted in this, or had my link added. But, it is a round up of things that the British Nail Bloggers have done this week. If you are a British Blogger and would like to be included, click on this Link

Wendy from Wendy's Delights is feeling purrrfect with her Blue Furry Mani with easy to apply nail stickers!

Emma tries her hand at dry drag and becomes The Girl Who Plays with Fire at Emma's Little Corner.

Helly at the Nail Newbie is showing British brand W7 some love by showcasing their gorgeous Lava Flow.

A little recreation of some Bee style nails, with actual stingers from New York Fashion Week, a Fred Butler Creation from Enigmatic Rambles.

Has twenty three days gone by already? Northern Nails' 30 Day Challenge is still going strong, the themes now are all full of inspiration!

Lyndsay from Pie's Eyes is back from her holiday and showing off her colourful Rainbow Manicure she created with her latest Kiko haul!

Sally of Nail Pron is talking about a nailmas Christmas challenge, adding to her stash and doing nails to match her mood.

Sam from Polished Art re-created an old nautical-themed manicure for day 12 of the 31 day challenge (19 to go!).

PishPosh and Polish is featuring Red and Black polishes on her blog this week. See them here! Which is your favourite?

Claire at nuthin' but a nail thing is still continuing on with the 30 Day challenge and her favourite so far has been TRIBAL NAILS. What's been everyone else's favourite challenge?

Ruth goes overboard with the half moon effect to create an easy curved stripe look!

Want some inspiration for elegant nails? Lucy from Lucy's Stash did Lace & Roses nail art featuring OPI, Konad and A England.

Feeling the need for something pretty and super sparkly? PrettyKittyClaws has Smitten Polish You're Turning Violet, Violet blinging out her nails!

Vic's feeling a little behind with the times as she's only just done her first set of galaxy nails. She found a fabulously blinging star to go with them though.

Lou had a quiet week this week trying out her new Indie polishes from KBShimmer which is quickly becoming her favourite polish brand

Alexis at Glitter Tips tried some Autumn butterfly nail art

Sarah Louise plays with her Image plates from MoYou / OMG Nails and creates a Crosses & Dot's Manicure

Despite being poorly, The Crumpet has kept up with the 31 Day Challenge and has even had time to launch a Zoya Giveaway - so make sure you enter!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Stashing, Challenges and Nails to Match My Mood

I don't think my life ever stops being hectic. Work is still wild, I don't think it will ever change. My innermost thoughts are I am not able to perform to the best of my ability because of the pure volume I am having to deal with. But, I am doing my best and my motto for the week is that I am John Lewis not Lidl. Lets just hope it lasts!

In addition to this we went to Denmark on Monday. It was a day trip which in my mind initially was a fabby idea. We got an early flight to Billund and spent the day in Legoland as a bit of a pressie for my husbands birthday. It was a wonderful day, but sooo exhausting. It also gave me an excuse to visit Westfield in White City. The call of the Models Own shop was calling.

Well, I was super impressed with the offerings in Westfield, they have a Kiko, Models Own and a Beauty Bay. From this I ended up with oodles of polishes, 24 to be exact. Managed to get my Models Own Beetlejuice collection complete with Golden Green and Pinky Brown and got several Kiko's. Also my first few LA Girls. Woo Hoo. However, I think these final 24 have broken the camels back and I am now officially on a no buy until Christmas. I do have a few exceptions to this rule, the first being I can participate in the Models Own 50% off sale if it ever happens, secondly I can get Barry M Once Upon a Time if it is re-released as I have been told.

Couldn't resist using two of the new polishes for this mani. Its No7 Thunderstorm which is a wonderful grey/blue/purple, just like the sky before we have a storm and pink orchid from Kiko.

In addition to this I have decided to set up a new challenge for Christmas. Having to think about it now as we are renaming the 12 days of Christmas to become more nail centric. At the moment there are 17 of us taking part, but anyone is welcome, no matter what your experience/technique etc etc.

We have a thread about it in our lovely Forum or going to our Facebook group.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Saturday Nights for Dancing...

Except when you dislocated your knee, then it is for thinking of dancing, while considering that at some point in the future you will be able to wear high heels again!

But hell to the knee, I want my nails to look like I am having an amazing Saturday night, so I have dived on two recent purchases. A - England Holy Grail and Models Own Dancing Queen from the new Mirrorball range.

Firstly the Holy Grail, Its a bright gold. I would never normally touch this type of colour with a bargepole. But I love A-England polishes and just couldn't resist when this was only £5 as a gem of the month. If you want one click HERE.

Next comes the Mirrorball. I have been swooning over these little lovelies since the announcement was made. For some reason I had it in my head that they were going to be like Nails Inc Nail Jewellery, but they are nothing at all like it. Firstly, if you have Hedkandi 'Ibiza Mix' they smell the same, strong, and almost like something has died in the pot. But the smell subsides as soon as it is dry, I promise. Dancing Queen is a fab mix of green, blue, silver and gold glitters. They come in loads of different shapes and sizes. I am super impressed, even if it wasn't what I was expecting. If you want any, click on this link for the Models Own website. Also worth being aware that if they get 100 000 likes on their facebook page they are making a 50% discount, so go on over to facebook and we can all be winners!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Rainbow Nails

I was supposed to post these blogs weeks ago for the MSE - now NPAA challenge. But, unfortunately life got ahead of me and I had to focus on other things. But these darlings deserve an airing.

It is a water marble I did onto plastic again, and used lots of different brands. I think it looks adorable.

If you want to see what the other ladies have created, have a look here at our forum.