Monday, 30 July 2012

MoneySavingExpert Challenge - Violet Nails

I blink and it is Monday before I know it. Must admit had a wonderful weekend with my husband and the hound, although we did have to go and see the new Batman film. But hey, it is extra wife points for when I want to do something very girly. I am already adding them up for Twilight in November ;)

So, my violet nails. I am never quite sure of the difference between Violet and Purple, but to me it sounds like it has more Blue in it, so I went for very blue shaded bright colour. Then, inspired by the new OPI Man With a Golden Gun top coat which is 18kt gold.

But, as this isn't released yet, I got my sticky mitts on a £1shop favourite, Chit Chat Gold. I admit it stinks like you wouldn't beleive, but it contains the most beautiful gold hexes and tiny dots and when it is on it looks like when we used to used gold leaf in art at school. ( I bet schools are that poor these days they don't flash this about)

So, my uses are

Accessorize - Electric Purple
Chit Chat - Gold


Sunday, 29 July 2012

BFF Challenge : 80's

I have been completely neglectful of things this week and missed out on a challenge, and I really apologise to the BFF ladies because it isn't normally like me. But in my defence work is absolutely awful and there are extended family stresses which just mean I have to put my efforts in other directions.

However, this morning I set myself up nicely. I was up with Dobby the wonderhound at 0630. By 0645 I was back on the sofa, he was interested in walking around the room with a plantpot on his head, and I painted my nails! Yay.

I have moved straight onto the 80's theme, and will catch up with punk over the next few days. Its all go in this house, I can tell you!


I recently had a gift with purchase from Barry M which was a retro polish. I chose a magnificent electric blue, and decided this was the way to go for the start of the manicure. But, I wouldn't be happy with just plain blue nails, and originally was going to try for cerise tips because that colour and combination was oh so eighties to me. Then I saw a picture of a manicure where someone had coloured the inside tips of her nails and put the pink there instead.

Now, it was successful as in it worked, and I think it looks quite nice, but the pink needed to be brighter and more opaque. But, it is a strange feeling as its almost like you have something stuck down your nails ALL the time. I would try it again though. Just with a brighter interior colour.

The polishes I used were...

Barry M Nail Paint in Retro 2 Blue
China Glaze Limbo Bimbo

Also have a look at what the other ladies in the group have created

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Why does some varnishes shrink with Seche Vite?

I have never really suffered from the Seche Vite shrinkage. But this manicure really suffered from it. I almost didn't post it, but thought I may get some ideas as to why it happens.

Interested to hear from anyone with an idea.

For those interested this is Dior Vernis 694 and Nubar White Polka Dots

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

minus two, plus eight is a happy number!

You know I said that I was going to use my stash before Christmas, well I decided the challenge wasn't hard enough so I would just make it a little harder. So I have added 7 to my stash. I know, I know, I am a mental. But it made me happy, so hey!

First for what I have used...

I have gone for a pink out for today so had a pink base coat with Rimmel Urban Princess and to make it nice and sparkly I have gone for a flash of OPI Nothin Mousie Bout it on three fingers. Tis the very first time I have even opened the bottle on the OPI and I am really pleased with it. Although I couldn't get enough hearts out to make me happy!

Here are the pics...

So onto the newbies.

I visited the lovely TK Maxx at lunchtime to buy a dog bed, which I achieved. But I also spied three Orly's for £7.99. I don't own any Orlys so I decided to snaffle them while I could. The colours are Androgynie on the left, Lucky Duck in the middle and Ma Cherie on the right. The photo is a bit blurry, but it was the only way I could get the holographic flecks in Androgynie to show up.


Then I received my lovely A-Englands from the latest offer. They are Percival on the left, Lancelot next, then Tristam and last but not least Lady of the Lake. Can't wait to be using these babies.

Then finally, I had a delivery from Paris. I don't even know when I am going to use this, but so chuffed to have it.


Sunday, 22 July 2012

MSE Challenge - Week 5 - Blue

So it is already another week in the MSE challenge and I can't quite get over how time is flying.

Blue is a nice one for me as I have a choice of polishes, and can't wait to use them all.

Little Finger - Color Club - Hydrangea Kiss
Ring Finger - Miss Sporty - 456
Middle Finger - Sally Hansen -  Flash
Index Finger - No 7 - Poolside Blue
Thumb - No 7 - Betty Bloo

In addition to these lovely polishes I have managed to catalogue my nail varnish collection and added it to my blog. ( you should see a tab at the top) and I have added a tab for the nail varnishes I have loved

So, another personal challenge for myself is I am going to use ALL of my polishes before Christmas. On the inventory there are links to the blog posts I have put up with them in, so everyone can see.

So, at the moment I have about 200 polishes I need to get through, and my friend is bringing me a scary amount back from Spain for me...Does anyone else have masses of unused polishes, or is it just me?

Saturday, 21 July 2012

BFF Challenge 4 - Book Covers

Well, another Saturday, another challenge.

This one was to be inspired by a book cover. I had all these fancy ideas of what I wanted to do, but then I got carried away wanting to do a ruffle manicure as I have seen so many of them recently and never tried one myself. So, I decided to make the theme fit the manicure :) Is that cheating?

So here is my version of  '50 shades of grey' Although it actually is five (shhhhh)

For this manicure I have used....

Essence Colour and Go - Got a Secret
Revlon - Silver Screen
Revlon - Black with Envy
Accessorize - Metallized - Lolita
Milani - One Coat Glitter - Silver Dazzle.

To make up for the ruffles I did polka dots on my right hand which make their premiere on my blog!

Miss Eliza Bennett lands in 2012

When I was but a young slip of a lass there was a BBC dramatisation of Pride and Prejudice on the TV. Luckily it was a book I was studying at school, but more importantly I completely and utterly fell in love with the story and one of the main characters - Eliza Bennett. I cannot tell you how much I longed for the long dresses and tight curls of the time, it all looked fantastic.

So into the modern day and my friend pops around to borrow some nail varnishes, and brings her two lovely step daughters, one who amazingly looks just like Eliza Bennett with her hair up. I was dead impressed but didn't say anything as I am not sure a cool 16 year old would be so impressed with a middle aged friend of her step mum commenting.

However, in borrowing the nail varnishes she did a really lovely manicure with something I would never have put together. White polish with white glitter over the top. It looked super cool when it was done, so I thought I would do it for my blog.

So grateful that it is sunny today as it makes the colours all the more special. I used a base of Color Club 'French Tip' and topped it off with probably too much Sinful Colors 'Opal Glitter. I really like the effect and now I am thinking what other combinations could I do like this.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

BFF 3rd Challenge - Striping Tape

Oh striping tape, how you annoy me striping tape.

To be honest this challenge didn't start well when my puppy ate the striping tape. I don't know why he thought it was a good idea, but he is little and obviously a little crazy. However, he has done very pretty sparkly poo's since!

So onto the real challenge. I have a problem getting striping tape to stick to me, as it seems to want to stick anywhere other than me. So I decided I would use it as a border, and if it is going to be a border it best be between my two most favourite colours which is Leighton Denny Tiny Wine-ey with a tip of China Glaze Love Marilyn.

I am really pleased with the result, although I must admit I picked/bit the striping tape off within about 20 mins of being at work!

Why not have a look at the creations of the other ladies doing this challenge?

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

For Sarah Diamond - Bright Blue Sky

This is a special post for a special lady, who is having a bit of a hard time at the moment. I suggested that some of the girls on PolishAholics Anonymous do a manicure with her in mind. So, here is mine.

I decided I wanted something to show her there is a bright blue future out there, no matter what might happen.

So I started with a base of Sinful Colours 'Gorgeous' and added a couple of coats of Essence Special Effect Topper in 'Glorious Aquarius'. I love this topper so much because it isn't quite blue, and it isn't quite green, but what it does add is little sparkles of copper which are just wonderful. So, to make the sparkles stand out I used my Leighton Denny Matte Topcoat which is lush.

Hopefully Sarah will like the results, and honey, I hope you are feeling better soon

Monday, 16 July 2012

Monday and I am in love...

I am posting this a little early, because amazingly I saw someone post a picture of a manicure virtually the same as mine. How amazing is that!

So, after all the colour and stamping and blah of the last few days I wanted something understated and pretty. So, I dipped into my new purchases and grabbed one of my first Leighton Denny's, Prim and Proper. I have never owned one before but I was really impressed with the viscosity of the polish and how well it covered. Within two coats it was a perfect coating of understated nude. But, to be true to myself had to use a bit of Nubar Lavender Shimmer over the top which is not at all Lavender and very beige but with a pretty holographic multi sized glitter.

So, without further ado here are the pictures... But before I leave the polish count is up to 150! I added the purples today.

PS Good luck to the other lady who has this manicure today, she has a first date tonight...bless xx