Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Layla Ceramic's My New Love

Long time no see, and I am sorry, just life has been sooo busy its unbelievable. But, the Layla's arrived for the shop yesterday and unfortunately some of the bottles were broken. Boo Hoo, but I did manage to salvage some of the polishes and it would have been rude not to try them just once. Hence, my first Layla Ceramics post.

Never having used a Layla product in my life I was really impressed with them. The polish goes on smoothly, no brush strokes and they applied evenly and easily. The pink is called 'Hot Pink' and it borders on a magenta type colour. Its hard to display in these macro shots, but it varies from bright cerise pink to a purpely sheen. Too lovely.

For the tips I used Space Cowboy which is a gold glitter with sprinkles, tiny hexes and larger hexes. It again applies easily and the glitter was well mixed it, you didn't have to fish it out.

Hope you like the pics, just got to stop using the stock or there won't be anything left for anyone else!

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