Sunday, 4 November 2012

Magnetism Gone Sparkly...Don't Mind If I Do

Way back when my obsession with polish was still in its infancy I invested in a couple of magnetic polishes from Fashionista ( named after the girl group the Saturdays) and they have been the best ones I have ever used. they were just a plain purple and red. I have used other magnetics since and to be honest they have never really lived up to those first ones. So I was dead chuffed to pop into Superdrug this weekend and see some new shades.

Its almost like Magnetic polish has got its vibe back with these polishes, they are all colours with glitter embedded in them. The first you see is Gold Glamour which is a rich gold polish with brighter gold sparkles. The magnet I have used isn't from the Fashionista a range as they only do a wave one, and I wanted something a bit different to that, so I used the star shaped one from the Barry M range.

This polish goes on well, and the thicker the top coat the better. It allows all the gold sprinkles to move with the iron and leave you with a plain shape from the magnet, but an ultra deep and glittery pattern. I left the magnet on for 12 seconds, which is longer than they normally say, but it gives a really good finish to me.

 The other two polishes in the set are Embellish on the left. Its a mid grey with red glitter throughout and Bit of Sparkle in the middle, which is a deeper grey with gold glitter through it. I have used the other two polishes below so you can see how they work out aswell.

 Next is 'A Bit of Sparkle' This was probably my least favourite when I picked them, but it looks quite special on. It has the same effect as Gold Glamour as the glitter is drawn into the pattern well and looks very understated but very pretty. If you want to see bigger pictures just click on the images below.

Finally we have Embellish. I fell in love with this polish and could easily wear it without the magnet work so it just looked lovely. It is a paler grey, but this allows the red to really sparkle and shine. This effect is muted a bit when the magnet is used which is a shame as you can't see the red flecks as much.

The consistency of the polish is lovely, and it goes on well. You can't really ask for more in a polish. 

I got these polishes from Superdrug in store. Although they are available on their website aswell. They are £6 each without a magnet, so a bit pricey, but I just use any magnet from any set, so you needn't go to that expense if you don't want to. As a bit of a bargain aswell the cosmetics in Superdrug are on offer at 3 for 2, so I only paid £12 for all three. Cheap as chips.


  1. The gold is so nice! I might have to pick myself up some! I bought all 4 of the boots 17 ones when they were released, but these look even more special with the glitter! <3