Saturday, 24 November 2012

Speciallita Guerra Dos Sexos

Speciallita have come up with yet another lovely set of new polishes. They are called battle of the sexes and they come as a double ended polish. Either end can be worn on its own, or they can be worn together to make a third colour. They are called war of the sexes and they look like this.

Speciallita's press release reads

''The male never alone. The female never lonely. States have created a purpose in the world of possibilities in which we live today. A blend that recreates that recycles and reinvents itself.

With the concept that 1 +1 = 3, the new bottles are double the Gender Wars. Two glazes sharing the same cover, each with its own brush. Each color can be used alone, as any enamel line HITS Speciallità. But by purchasing the product, you can also prepare your nails using one over the other, thus creating a third or fourth enamel often quite different than imagined. Just free your imagination and make their blends show to her friends, exchange pictures over the internet, send emails, and go crazy with the party. After all, war is war.

These are the principles of the new collection of enamels War of the Sexes - HITS Speciallitá in its seventh successful partnership with Globo Brands, after the collections Bites & blows, Malhação, One Kiss, The Life of the People, buzz and Full of Charm. Effects, colors, coatings and pigments only. A glaze that is creating its greatest essence.

12 are double glaze, which can be combined with each other to form endless mixtures and effects on the nails. Creativity is the limit.

The novel War of the Sexes is a remake of the 1984 hit, written by Silvio de Abreu and now directed by Jorge Fernando. The story revolves around the eternal struggle between men and women. Performed by Tony Ramos, who lives OtávioII, and is in constant fights with Charlô II, played by Irene Ravache.

Check out the collection:

Cable War: A bottle is a bright orange and the second, a shimmering pink. The mixture of them form a new pink enamel well marked.

Carolina: A pale lilac and the other a transparent iridescent color, together result in a smooth and shimmering lilac.

Charlô: A striking red and silver metallic other coverage, together form an irresistible metallic red.

Perfect Duet: A very dark blue with sparkles and the other a turquoise very much alive. Together they form an intense blue with sparkles.

Loving Explosion: A delicate pink and pearl, and in the other an orange bottle, together form a pearly coral alive.

Front Line: A light gray and the other a transparent iridescent color, but together form a gray iridescent indispensable for a good ballad.

Cheque-Mate: A bottle navy blue and the other pink creamy but together result in a royal blue chic and unique.

Counterattack: A pale mauve blue and subtle, and together form a lilac evening.

Iron Lady: A metallic pink and wine chiquérrimo, but together they form a metallic wine intense and sophisticated.

Manoela: A mild creamy brown bottle and the other, a transparent cover iridescent color, together result in a brown metallic scandal.

Vanya: An amazing matte black cover and a slight lilac, but only together could form a sophisticated metallic purple.

Veruska: A delicate pink and blue roses with pearls, and together, it creates a light pink metallic.''


I have placed an order for these polishes and they will be stocked in the Sally Magpies Shop very shortly. ( and while I am plugging it we also have the new Speciallita Glitters World in stock along with No Olimpo and Jade Diamond/Holographic polishes too)

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  1. These polishes look pretty cool! Andrea Fulerton does a similar range :)