Monday, 7 January 2013

Cherry Diva 10 - 15 days?

I am going to do something a little unusual for me here. I am one for changing my nails all the time. It isn't unusual for me to do them in the morning and at night, just for a change.

But, these new Layla soft touches come with a suggested wear time of 10 - 15 days. Also, that they need no undercrackers or top coat. Now, I do normally try to keep my sticky fingers out the shop stock because it was one of the few restrictions my husband put on me when I started. But, it is only one bottle, and surely I need to check it lasts as long as they say? That's is justified to me I think!

So, here you see Cherry Diva. It glides on, effortlessly as do all the Layla polishes. I cannot say how highly I recommend their polishes, they are lovely to use.

In the pictures you are seeing three coats, no top coat, no undercrackers, just as suggested. I was worried it would take ages to dry, purely due to my addiction to Seche Vite, but it was quick to settle down and was dry to the touch within a couple of minutes. Its a lovely rich pinky red with a slight hint of gold speckles, but it is no more than speckles. You can't see or feel any glitter pieces in the polish.

I type all day at work, and most of the time I am not there too. I am quite hard on polish, so we will see how it fairs against the claims. I will keep you all updated with the process.

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