Saturday, 12 January 2013

Blog Sale

This is my first blogsale. I have never done this before. I have put everything as cheap as possible because I just need the space. Sally Magpies store is taking over my Helmers, and I just don't have the room. 

This is available to the UK and Europe ONLY. 
 Postage, UK its £2.70, Europe is £4.00 for anything up to 10 polishes. Anymore and we will sort it out.

If you want anything please email me at with the following information
- Picture number
- Item Name
-paypal email address
- name and address.

To save any issues about delivery I am going to invoice you. That way we are both covered. 
I will send the invoice and if I don't receive payment within 24 hours, the item will go to the next person who requested it. 


Rimmel Hard Edged, swatched, £1
Barry M Jewel Britannia £1
Rimmell Aqua Cool £1
Hits Cabra Cega - new - £1
Sinful Colours - All Mighty  £1= used once
NYC - Big City Dazzle, new £1


No7 Stand Back £1  new
Sally Hansen Flash £1 new
2 true, used once £1
Accesorize new - Griege £1
Sinful Colours Daddys Girl, new £1
Kiko298 - new - £1


Accesorize electric purple £1
Hits Phenomena Afterglow used once £1
Hits Agu Marina £1 new
Accesorize Sapphire £1 new
Phenomena Hits Moonbow £1 used once
Sinful Colours, Whats your name £1 new


Kiko341 brand new £1
Hits duochrome, named rubbed off, about 50% £1
Hits Powder Puff Girls used once £1
Revlon Emerald city Matte, used once £1
Technic Gold Glitter, unused £1
W7 rainbow glitter, £1 used once


Accessorize Amethys unused £1
Revlon Fire Fox Suede £1
Whimsical by Pam - Georgia Peach Fuzz £5, 90% full
Models Own Freak Out used once £2
Catrice Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans £1
LA Colors Jewel Tone £1


Jade Joy, 1 mani £2
Color Club topcoat £1

OPi topcoat, used, see fill line, £2
Color Club lime kinda one £1
Technic Moonlit Jade 50p


Sinful Colors pink glitter £1
Models Own Boogie Nights £2 sealed
Models Own Dancing Queen £2 used once
Accesorize Copper £1 brand new
Sinful Colors gold glitter £1
W7 Cosmic Green used once £1

Sally Hansen Honeymoon Red used once £1
Worst Nail Varnish in the world, as starring on this blog £1
Andrea Fullerton glitter striper £1
LA Girl Rock Star Double Platinum £1
Barry M Yellow £1
Revlon Sunshine Sparkle £1


Hits No Olimpo Atena £1 - see fill line
GRAACPega Pega - unused £1
Layla Ceramic Effect - Hot Pink £1 no label
W7 Salt n Pepper £1 used once
Technic Sea Foam £1
Color Club bright orange kinda jelly glitter, £1 used once


Sinful Colors Show me the Way £1 unusued
Accesorize Jewel £1 new
Sally Hansen HD Hi-Def £1 used once
Milani Silver dazzle £1
Hits No olimpo Zeus - see fill line £2
Random BRown/purple colour, used once £1


Rimmel Night Before, used once £1
Accessorize Forever £1 new
Accessorize Gem £1 new
Barry M top coat, used once on one finger £1
Max Factor £1
Revlon Barely Peach £1

Revlon Cloud £1
Hits Mari MoonUnconventional £1 used once
Accessorize Lolita £1 new
Essence Snow White -Prince Charming £1 used once
Essie - Chocolate cakes £2
Rimmell Pop Rose, used twice £1


2true pink £1 new
Essie Capri £2 new
Accesorize Ladybird £1 swatched
Ciate bon bon,  used once £1
Technic Shine and Shimmer £1
Models Own Disco Inferno £2 sealed


Hits Powder Puff girls Florzinha £1 new
Color Club yellow jelly £1
Barry M Spider Web £1 new
Sinful Colours Call you later £1 new
LA Colors Lush Lavender £1 new
Orly Lucky Ducky £3 new


Miss Sporty 010 used once £1
Wet N Wild new £1
Accesorize Crystal new £1
LA Colors Treasure Island £1 new
Models Own Purple Blue £2
Revlon Lilac Pastille £1 new


unknown brand, pink new £1
OPI Meep Meep Meep. used twice £3
NINA pro Blue £1
Layla Ceramic Effect Hot PInk shop second, unused £1
Sinful Colors Noelle £1 used once
Accessorize Aquamarine £1 new


Misguided pink £1 swatched
Hits Mari Moon duochrome, used once £1
No Olimpo Hermes £2 new
Color Club topcoat £1 used a bit
Accessorize Dragonfly £1 used once
Models Own Topcoat £1 new


Barry M Web Effects £1 brand new
Sinful Colours Tokyo Doll £1 used once
Models Own Hot Stuff £2 used once
Revlon Stormy, used once £1
Sally Hansen Gem Crush £1 unused
Sally Hansen Hard Lemonade £1 unused


Acrylic paints, used a couple of them sparingly a couple of times £1


Love and Beauty Glow in the dark, used a couple of times £1,
W7 Florescent Green £1 used a couple of times
Unknown brand gold kinda colour £1
Essence Colour N Go Got a Secret used on a couple of nails £1
W7 Bright Orange glitter £1 new
Kiko 300 £1 new


 LA Rockstar £1 new
Konad Special Nail Polish, used to stamp once, £2
Ceramic Effects CE68 base a bit broken. £1 ( edge a big sharp)
Miss Sporty Metal Effects £1 used once
Essie Tiny Winey used once £2 used once
Orly Ma Cherie £2 swatched


NYC Rock Muse Smoky top Coat £1 Unused
Color Club, pale blue, used once £1
Bright Orange All about nails 50p Used once
Color Club French Tip White, Used once £1
NYC Mint Macaroon £1, new
Barry M Retro Blue £1 Swatched


Technic Turkish Sea 50p used once
Revlon Ruby Ribbon Matte, used once £1
Rimmel Blue Vogue, used once £1
Essence Color and Go Time for Romance £1 swatched
OPI base, see fill line, £1
W7 Mauve crackle £1 used once


OPI Gone Gonzo, Used a couple of times for accent nails £4
Catrice, Genius in a bottle, used once £2
Essence Snow White - The Huntsman, new £2
Miss Sporty, peach, unsued £1
Sally Hansen, Diamond Strength £1 Sunrise Sunset ( unused)
Essence Color N Go In Style £1


W7 Gold Glitter, unused £1
China glaze crackle £1 unused
Fergie Wet and Wild Tonights gonna be a good night £1
Sally Hansen Strike a Pose £1
W7 crackle 50p
Technic holographic 50p used once


 W7 sprinkles Lava Flow worn once £1
Barry M Silver Multi Glitter £1 not used
Rimmell Metal Rush £1 swatched
Technic Juicy Jelly 50;
OPI Passion £2 see fill line
W7 red glitter, brand new £1


 China Glaze Mahogony Magic £2 brand new
Essence Disco Disco, used a couple of times a little bit £1
 Nubar White polka dots £2 see fill line
OPI Sweet as Annie thing, used once £2
Miss Sporty Metal Rush £1 swatched
Technic Mermaid 50p


 Orly Spazmatic, used twice £2
Color Club, pink glitter, used once £1
Milani Gems multi glitter £1
Essence Colour n go Make it Golden £1
Color Club top coat, unused £1
Rimmel Violet Metal £1

 China Glaze Marry a Millionare £2 used a couple of times
All about nails lime 50p
lavendar 50p
Divine Swine used for an accent nail £3
Layla Ceramic Effect Space Cowboy £1 used once
Silver unknown brand £1


 OPI Pepes Purple Passion, glitter settled £1
Essence Color n go Where is The Party £1
Sinful Colours Gorgeous £1 used once
OPI Used Guy Meets Gal-veston £2
Orly Androgeny £2
DP spanish brand green magnetic £1


 Dior 886 used once £3
W7 Cosmic Purple £1 used once
Rimmell smelly pink one £1 used once
Models Own Magenta Divine £1 used a few times
Revlon Silver Screen £1 used on a couple of fingers
Barry M 216 Silver Cascade, never used £1


 W7 Black glitter unused £1
Kiko pale blue 339 unused £1
Lavendar 50p used once
W7 crackle 50p
China Glaze Prism used once £3
China Glaze Midtown Magic £2 unsued


 Essence Snow White - Evil Queen used once £1
LA Colours £1 unsued
NYC Greenwich Village, unusued £1
Catrice Million Styles Million Dollar Baby £2 used once
Sally Hansen Insta Dri Whirlwind White unused £1
Hits Powderpuff girls Pretty, 2/3 full £1

Brand new Nails Inc Fashionista set, no idea why I brought it, Nails inc just falls off my nails £5

Friday, 11 January 2013

Layla Soft Touch - An Update

So we are 4 days in, and I think these nails are holding up quite well. Must admit I didn't, and should have wrapped the tips and I didn't, so that is one down mark for me. 

All the nails on all the fingers are showing tipwear, but I think that could be slightly due to the application before. I also suffered two major chips. However, they were both explained. The chip on my middle finger came first, and this was due to a broken nail having to be mended with clippers. When I clipped, a chip came off. The second chip on my index finger was due to an over excited puppy thinking my finger was a toy. Ouch.

I have typed plenty. Unwrapped and wrapped oodles of deliveries for the shop, moved desk at work, driven, washed my hair, been eaten by the pup. All the things you have to do on a daily basis. 

I am really impressed with the staying power of this nail varnish. If I hadn't broken the nail they would still have been wearing the polish now. But my staying power was questioned and I failed at the hurdle when my new a-england dragon was delivered. Whilst I am not sure I could put my hand on my heart and say it would last 10 - 15 days I am sure I could have got 6 without incident, and for a polish without a topcoat thats pretty damn fine.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Cherry Diva 10 - 15 days?

I am going to do something a little unusual for me here. I am one for changing my nails all the time. It isn't unusual for me to do them in the morning and at night, just for a change.

But, these new Layla soft touches come with a suggested wear time of 10 - 15 days. Also, that they need no undercrackers or top coat. Now, I do normally try to keep my sticky fingers out the shop stock because it was one of the few restrictions my husband put on me when I started. But, it is only one bottle, and surely I need to check it lasts as long as they say? That's is justified to me I think!

So, here you see Cherry Diva. It glides on, effortlessly as do all the Layla polishes. I cannot say how highly I recommend their polishes, they are lovely to use.

In the pictures you are seeing three coats, no top coat, no undercrackers, just as suggested. I was worried it would take ages to dry, purely due to my addiction to Seche Vite, but it was quick to settle down and was dry to the touch within a couple of minutes. Its a lovely rich pinky red with a slight hint of gold speckles, but it is no more than speckles. You can't see or feel any glitter pieces in the polish.

I type all day at work, and most of the time I am not there too. I am quite hard on polish, so we will see how it fairs against the claims. I will keep you all updated with the process.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Its a New Dawn, Its a New Day

I don't think it is any surprise to anyone out there that 2012 wasn't the best year for me. But, we are through and I am not looking back. With all this on my mind I haven't been able to blog, I haven't even painted my nails properly in ages, but that is all changing.

So, New Year, new start, new name for the blog. The polish shop is taking up lots of my time, but I am absolutely loving it. ( everyone at work who has no understanding of the desire for polish from anywhere other than Boots keep asking me if I am selling Polish people... it is no longer funny. So, I am tying everything together. I have a new facebook account, and we have a facebook group for the shop so people can keep up to date with what is happening.

So, to assist with this dragging myself from my malaise I invested in some new stamping plates from Nailz Craze and armed myself with Layla Mirror Effects in Black as Ebony.

Firstly the undercrackers. It is Models Own 'Nude Beige' which I had as part of my secret santa from the Nail Polish Addicts Forum. As with all Models Own polishes it applied really well, even and gave a lovely base. It looked like it wasn't there, which was just the effect I was looking for.

I was quite impressed with the Nailz Craze plate. It was easy to use, and the pattern appeared really deeply etched so it was easy to use. My only criticism would be that it had no backing, so it was as sharp as hell. But this can be forgiven for the lovely image.

The Layla polish used to stamp is really pretty. Its not black, its a dark silver or pewter in my opinion, but it gave me exactly the look I wanted. It also spread very far, it only took a stripe across the plate and the polish filled the image. Nice because it means you wont waste loads of polish which easily happens when stamping.

Hope you enjoy the images. Can't wait to start on my journey again.