Monday, 25 June 2012

MSE Nail Art Challenge - 1st Week - Red Nails

Buoyed up with enthusiasm a few of us girls from the MSE nail polish addicts thread ( decided to do our own little challenge. So, we are taking the 31 day challenge a little more leisurely at 1 challenge a week.

This week is red, so to do something different I decided to have a half shiny, half matte finish.

I started with a wonderful coat of Revlon Cherry Crush as it is such a rich red, then taped the middle of my fingers using french manicure stickers. Then, I painted everything below the line with Rimmell Matte finish. I am quite pleased with the result, but think it would have looked even better with a colour which showed the difference more. Maybe on top of a neon?

What do you think?


  1. oooh I really like that! I'm a big fan of matt polish, I love the way a colour can change just by putting that on top of it.

    I've seen it done in black and am itching to try but it looks just as good in red!

  2. That looks really nice - i always mean to use my Rimmell Matte but can never be bothered wating for it to dry so end up slicking on quick dry.