Monday, 25 June 2012

Rainbow Nails Challenge - Day 2 - Orange...

I am going to admit now that orange really isn't my favourite colour. However, due to a recent donation from my lovely mum I did get into it a tad.

Well you asked for orange and you are going to get it.

I started with these, I couldn't choose a favourite. So, had to improvise

The polishes I have used are.... ( from left to right)

Miss Sporty 452
Technic - Juicy Jelly
Color Club - unnamed (came in a set)
Nina Ultra Pro - Orange Flame
Color Club - unnamed ( came in a set)
Miss Sporty - 326

I used Miss Sporty 452 as my base, and my thumb developed spots of the lovely Technic Juicy Jelly

Then came some dots of the colour club peach on my index finger

Then we got some dots on my middle finger with the lovely neon Orange Flame

Dots on my ring finger in Colour Club orange sparkly no named!

Then finally my pinky gets some dots in Miss Sporty 326

And this is the final result on all the nails!


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  1. Fun, I need to try some nail art one of these days:)

  2. Thanks. I am really enjoying it. What colour is today?

  3. love the 1st one!
    really cute pastel orange