Sunday, 24 June 2012

Rainbow Nails challenge, day 1 - Red

It is the first time I have taken part in anything like this, but I quite fancied the challenge. So, here is my attempt.

I decided to do the most red thing I could imagine, so started with a layer of China Glaze Ruby Pumps on all my fingers, but wanted to do something a bit more special as in such good company even Ruby pumps wouldn't cut it. So, I have done a feature nail on my ring finger with China Glaze 'Love Marilyn' which I absolutely adore. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I have!

Roll on day 2...

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  1. Gorgeous red mani! I love the Marilyn accent, it looks so good with Ruby Pumps.

  2. Ruby Pumps is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Thanks, i proper love the Ruby Pumps. Got my ideas ready for the orange today. Not a colour I usually wear, but looking forward to doing them.

  4. This is pretty! I love the accent finger!

  5. Loving the accent finger, and alas, wishlist is getting longer!