Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Glitter Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

I have tried lots of glitter polishes before, but none set my heart alight as much as Ibiza Mix in the Models Own Hedkandi range. It is just beautiful. It has from teeny tiny fragments of gold and silver to quite chunky green, blue and pink pieces. The only thing which puts me off a little is the smell, which is sooo strong it rips the hairs from your nostrils. But, you can't have anything.

To show of the Ibiza Mix to the best I have given it a lovely coating or three of neon Purple from the Absolute! nail collection. Also taken the time today to put a coat of nail envy on, because it just has to be done at times.

Oh and this is one coat of Ibiza Mix, with about three it gives an almost full coverage! If anyone wants pics of that just let me know.


Nail Envy original base coat
Absolute! Purple main colour ( three coats at least)
Models Own Hedkandi Ibiza Mix 1 coat
Seche Vite top coat


  1. Thanks, I really love the neons

  2. Glad you mentioned the smell - it really is strong! Thought mine was a bad batch!

  3. It is dreadful. But it goes when it dries.

    Have you ever smelt the korean perfumed varnishes? I can't get used to those either!