Thursday, 24 May 2012

Lean Green Painting Machine

I decided to try a new polish today. I can really easily be guilty of constantly using the same colours/stamps/effects constantly. So, today I decided to do something completely different.

When I started getting into the polish thing I held the belief that pinks and lilacs suited my skintone, and that was what I would stick to. I had a few blue, but nothing much else.

But, 6 months on and things have changed. I have developed a real passion for green, and even the occasional orange. However, yellow is unlikely to every take a big part of my heart. Although I should say that you should never say never!

So here is todays.

I started with my regular base of Seche ridge filling, and moved on to a couple of coats of Barry M. I love their polishes as they always have such a good colour to them and are easy to apply. However, in a world where more is more I decided to top it with a coat of a HITS Speciallita Cabra Cedge. This is a bright green with a very slight but pretty sparkle to it. Then I stamped with a new Konad plate and a type of stamp I have never used before...

Let me know what you think of the results


  1. Great effect, fantastic colours.

  2. Thanks, I adore greens. Although today I am working with yellow as a guy at work bet me I couldn't do spongebob nails.