Sunday, 27 May 2012

Jubilee Nails.. poll!

Bit of a different post today. But I need opinions.

I have a friend who is lucky enough to be going to the Diamond Jubilee party at Buckingham Palace, and I am going to do her nails for her before she goes ( hopefully).

I plan on doing all the nails one colour, except for a few accent fingers. But the question is what accent to do...

So, opinions please...

Here is the full hand in sunlight

For comparison here is the hand in shade...

I will add I have only done these quickly today as a trial, so they will look far more polished when I am done.

Anyway, the choices are

A - Thumb - Hand painted stripes
B - Index finger - Drizzle on a white background
C - Middle finger - Red, White and Blue mixed glitter
D - Ring Finger - White with red and blue gems
E - Spots

Please vote in the poll or comment down below what you think

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