Saturday, 26 May 2012

Nail Mail, donations, butterflys and sunlight

This blog is going to be a bit of everything. But, I have had the best post today ever and done a very pretty manicure.

So, for the post. China Glaze is cheaper to purchase from the USA and have delivered to me here. I know think about all the air miles it creates, but then I think about the fact it is about £2 cheaper a bottle and my desire for the polish just takes over. My mum purchased the Flip Flop Fantasy for herself, but didn't like it enough to even put it on her fingers, so donated it to me. I am such a lucky lady.

So, these babies arrived today

From left to right we have...

Flip Flop Fantasy
Marry a Millionaire
Secret Periwinkle
Cha Cha Cha
Holly Days

I am so in love with them all I don't know what to try first! Although I think it will have something to do with Marry a Millionaire and Secret Periwinkle.

In addition I have decided to branch into Gel, as I was a lucky enough girl to get a UV light for my birthday. So, have got these beauty's

Having never Gel'ed before I have limited myself to three colours to use on my unsuspecting victims friends and family. So I have stuck with Night Reflection, High Voltage and Ocean Deep. Quite nervous about starting, but how difficult can it be to paint varnish and stick it under a lamp?

Then, I brought these.

The three on the left are Barry M, The gold and lilac foil are for stamping and the blue sparkle just appealed to my inner magpie.

Then the three on the right were just my adore colours. It is a make of nail varnish 'Miss Sporty' which is very inexpensive, but they have some really lovely nice colours and they wear well. I especially love that some of them are touch dry in about 3 seconds.

Now on to my latest mani. I wanted something more delicate than those I have done before. So I went for a lovely pale lilac with a silver butterfly stamp over the top. So, here follows the pictures...

The picture on the left is in natural light, and the picture on the right is in bright sunlight.

As normal, I started with a Seche ridge filling base and a Seche Vite top coat as I love it being very reflective.


  1. Nice nail mail! I love your mani, I have yet to try stamping. I'm working up my nerve. Keep inspiring!

  2. Stamping is as easy as pie.

    Just use a good quality polish and remember to use a rocking motion to put it on and you will be fine.