Saturday, 29 September 2012

I'm Loud I'm Proud, Get Used to Me

I am unfortunate enough to come from a town where the EDL are protesting today. For people who don't know these people coin themselves as the 'English Defence League' and they are against radical islamist. However, when you read more into them they seem to hate anyone they don't consider belongs in the UK.

I don't like people like this, and I don't want to be associated with them. I firmly beleive that we should live and let live. I don't care where someone comes from, I don't care what they beleive in. I like nice people, and that comes top on my list. So, in defence of my little down I have been trying to let @Official_EDL aware of my thoughts on twitter. At least it has kept me amused for the morning.

As we live near the centre of town I can tell that the Police helicopter has just arrived and is hovering over the town centre. Lets just hope no one has got hurt. Hate really isn't worth it.

Anyway, onto better things. These are my lovely nails. After the brightness of yesterday I wanted something more muted, but just as beautiful, so I have cracked out my stamping plates to great effect. The base is three coats of China Glaze Hook and Line and I have used DRK A and Konad Special Paint in Black over the top. Think the effect is lovely, but very muted. I wonder what it would look like matte?

So goodbye from me for today. Lets hope the EDL don't come to a town near you soon.

Update - I couldn't resist and matted the polish with Leighton Denny Make it Matter and I adore it. It looks like fabric instead of polish. I LOVE IT


  1. Fabulously pretty mani. I love it mattified, it does look like fabric. :)

    We have people like your EDL here in the states. Sadly, hate is everywhere. :(

    1. Whilst part of me is glad it isn't just us, I really don't understand the need for such hate.

      The world is a tiny place and we have to live together. Better to make the most of it I think.