Thursday, 20 September 2012

Stashing, Challenges and Nails to Match My Mood

I don't think my life ever stops being hectic. Work is still wild, I don't think it will ever change. My innermost thoughts are I am not able to perform to the best of my ability because of the pure volume I am having to deal with. But, I am doing my best and my motto for the week is that I am John Lewis not Lidl. Lets just hope it lasts!

In addition to this we went to Denmark on Monday. It was a day trip which in my mind initially was a fabby idea. We got an early flight to Billund and spent the day in Legoland as a bit of a pressie for my husbands birthday. It was a wonderful day, but sooo exhausting. It also gave me an excuse to visit Westfield in White City. The call of the Models Own shop was calling.

Well, I was super impressed with the offerings in Westfield, they have a Kiko, Models Own and a Beauty Bay. From this I ended up with oodles of polishes, 24 to be exact. Managed to get my Models Own Beetlejuice collection complete with Golden Green and Pinky Brown and got several Kiko's. Also my first few LA Girls. Woo Hoo. However, I think these final 24 have broken the camels back and I am now officially on a no buy until Christmas. I do have a few exceptions to this rule, the first being I can participate in the Models Own 50% off sale if it ever happens, secondly I can get Barry M Once Upon a Time if it is re-released as I have been told.

Couldn't resist using two of the new polishes for this mani. Its No7 Thunderstorm which is a wonderful grey/blue/purple, just like the sky before we have a storm and pink orchid from Kiko.

In addition to this I have decided to set up a new challenge for Christmas. Having to think about it now as we are renaming the 12 days of Christmas to become more nail centric. At the moment there are 17 of us taking part, but anyone is welcome, no matter what your experience/technique etc etc.

We have a thread about it in our lovely Forum or going to our Facebook group.


  1. I Completely forgot all about beauty bay! OH. I have been so silly!

    Thank you!

    Jazz x