Sunday, 23 September 2012

Its Sunday, Its Got To Be Nail O'Clock

I cannot believe that another week has past. It is almost like the world has started spinning faster and I just can't keep up. The hours we are missing are the ones during the night I am sure.

Worked out this morning that I have 440 polishes, and have only used 137 of them. Quite frankly I am going to fail at my intention to use all of them before Christmas. With 14 weeks left that is only 98 days, Even with the best will in the world and using two new colours per mani, thats only 196 towards my goal.

Taking all this into account my no buy is going to continue. But, with a different purpose. All the cash I would normally spend on polishes I am going to piggy bank up and my husband and I can go on holiday with it. Now how cool is that? This holiday will have to be the USA, and I don't want to be more than about 5 nights as I will be leaving little Dobby at home and that will be super hard. Done New York to death, so where the hell should I consider? I quite fancy Washington DC, but neeeed to go to Florida to the Harry Potter park. Who knows where the polish shopping is really good ? ( don't tell my husband its all about that lol)

Anyway, todays mani. I had a bit of a bargain a few weeks ago at TKMaxx and came across OPI Stranger Tides and Come to Poppy for £9.99. Stranger Tides is a lovely pale green which is almost a pastel khaki and Come to Poppy, well its pink, sometimes its orange, sometimes its pale red.

Although not supposed to go together I think they look quite good.  What do you think?


  1. Ooooh very pretty! I love brights and nudes together, they always look so good!

  2. Lovely mani.
    In terms of the holiday I'd vote for DC - its a fantastic place to visit - the locals think its very odd if you go there other than on a stopoveer but we spent a week and wished we'd had longer. Stay in Georgetown (we stayed in some managed apartments that were remarkably reasonable) and enjoy. to be honest if I could live anywhere I've ever been DC would come well near the top of the list.