Sunday, 9 September 2012

Barry M Gellys

I am a bit of a Barry M devote, and was really excited to see them launching a new range of high gloss, one coat polishes. I was even more excited when I received three in the post as a random act of kindness.

As I know people are calling out to know more about these wonderful polishes I thought that I would get them on my nails and give everyone a good look at them.

First thing I should say is I buy alot of my polishes online, so it is nothing unusual for me to have jiffy bags galore delivered, but when I opened these my mum and sister were on them like a bonnet. The bottle looks lovely with the silver cap, and a little a-england esque.

All the colours available are :

So here are the three I have swatched...

On the left we have the wonderful Prickly Pear, in the middle Blood Orange and on the right Blueberry.

The consistency of the polishes is lovely, they are thick without being gloopy and the brush appears to be thinner than the normal Barry M one which makes for a more accurate application. Whilst they are advertised as being one coat, this has never been my style and I prefer to go for two thinner coats so I have better wear, so this is what I did. However, I am sure these would coat well with one thicker coat as they are highly pigmented.

To show these off to their full effect I have not put any top coat on them, but did use a ridge filling base coat because my nails are a little bumpy and I hate the look it gives glossy polishes. So without further ado heres how they look on my nails.

So here are the Blueberry ones, I think the shine really shows up well and gives my nails that soak off gel look which I love without the faff of the lamp/layers/removal.

 Here is the Blood Orange. It is a really really nice bright red. The finish is lovely and sooo shiny. Best Red I have worn in ages.

Then finally, we have Prickly Pear. I am a lover of Lilac. so this one was just perfect for me. It is a strong colour without having any hint of moving towards purple. Out of them all this is the one I would probably wear the most.

I really really enjoyed these polishes, and think they are something very different to the matte neons that we were having over the summer. They will be out on 26th September and more details can be seen on the Barry M Facebook page . Personally I can't wait to get my hands on Watermelon, Satsuma, Blackberry and Plum. Oh Pomegranate and Grapefruit too. Whoops, thats all of them!

These products were provided to me free of charge, but the opinions made are my own

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