Monday, 24 September 2012

Shhhhh! I Got A Crackle Working!

Now, to some people this isn't anything amazing, but to me its massive. For ages I have envied those who get beautiful crackled nails at a blink. Mine were never like that, they glooped, or worse, some crackled and others didn't. 

But after listening to the lovely StarryStarry I was enthused to have another go. Rather than buy another cheap crackle I decided to go for a Barry M, a brand I trust. Put quite a contrast on my fingers first with Models Own Fuzzy Peach as I knew it would show through against the white, then left it to dry for AGES. 

By gawd, it worked. SO chuffed.  (also another two off the unused list) Now I just have to get the two Barry M crocs to work.

On another note, nail etiquette for a funeral? should it just be black, or can I go for a very subtle grey and black?

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