Sunday, 30 September 2012

Half Moon Fail

I like half moons, I think they can look really effective and pretty. This mani didn't start life as a half moon. I wanted to use Models Own Copper Pot with Copper Glitter over the top. But when I looked at them I didn't get it, so I decided to use something else over the top. This is where the disaster occurred.

Somewhere in my little head I thought the perfect partner was China Glaze 'Electrify' I must admit it was dark, and my eyes aren't the best. But the next morning I was not impressed.  The colours were just so close but not the same so they didn't gel.

However, I am not one to hide my failures, so thought you would all like a giggle. Next time I will put Electrify over black, I think that would be the perfect partner.


  1. I think they look lovely! Much better then what I can do!

    Jazz x

  2. Yup it still looks super cute and I would love to see Electrify over black, would be superub looking <3