Wednesday, 26 September 2012

On The Train To 50%

Today feels a little momentous really. I have reached 1/3 of my stash which has been used. It actually feels quite liberating. Also, when I have got most of the way through my stash then I can buy more :)

Today is the day for a lovely red. Not a colour I wear often, but I think it looks quite lovely. Its Ma Cherie by Orly. For the tips I have used W7 Lava Flow which is a pale grey/white with tiny black, grey and metallic red glitter in it.

Must admit I really like the effect, and would like to try something similar with W7 Mosaic ( but can't as I have already used it :( )


  1. Oooo love what you've done here with the W7 sprinkles polish, will inspire me to give it a whirl x