Sunday, 29 July 2012

BFF Challenge : 80's

I have been completely neglectful of things this week and missed out on a challenge, and I really apologise to the BFF ladies because it isn't normally like me. But in my defence work is absolutely awful and there are extended family stresses which just mean I have to put my efforts in other directions.

However, this morning I set myself up nicely. I was up with Dobby the wonderhound at 0630. By 0645 I was back on the sofa, he was interested in walking around the room with a plantpot on his head, and I painted my nails! Yay.

I have moved straight onto the 80's theme, and will catch up with punk over the next few days. Its all go in this house, I can tell you!


I recently had a gift with purchase from Barry M which was a retro polish. I chose a magnificent electric blue, and decided this was the way to go for the start of the manicure. But, I wouldn't be happy with just plain blue nails, and originally was going to try for cerise tips because that colour and combination was oh so eighties to me. Then I saw a picture of a manicure where someone had coloured the inside tips of her nails and put the pink there instead.

Now, it was successful as in it worked, and I think it looks quite nice, but the pink needed to be brighter and more opaque. But, it is a strange feeling as its almost like you have something stuck down your nails ALL the time. I would try it again though. Just with a brighter interior colour.

The polishes I used were...

Barry M Nail Paint in Retro 2 Blue
China Glaze Limbo Bimbo

Also have a look at what the other ladies in the group have created


  1. So cool. I could never do this as my nails aren't long enough!

  2. Cool! Great play on a loubu mani.

  3. That's cool! It's like a Louboutin!

  4. Thats it! I couldn't remember the name of them.

    I did try a pair of Manolo's on once in a discount store in New York. They were about 3 sizes too small, but I still had to do it.

  5. I've seen that before too. Looks so neat:) My nails aren't long enough though:(

  6. lovley bold 80's colours. Great idea.

  7. i prefer the colors of 80's than 90's
    80's really screams colors!!!! while 90's are the old boring neutrals..