Sunday, 1 July 2012

Rainbow Nails - Day 7 - Pink and my latest haul

I have really really enjoyed my first nail  challenge and I am looking forward to getting into another one.

So, here are my pink pictures. I wanted something bright, bright bright so went for a base coat of a deep fuschia by  Miss Sporty 322, and topped it off with Models Own Magenta Divine. I love this Models Own nail varnish as it only takes two coats to be a really really heavy colour.

For some reason my camera didn't want to play ball so the pictures aren't as clear as I would like. But I am sure you will get the impression.

In other news I have also got these lovelies for myself today

First 4 are Sinful Colours shades...

All Mighty
Whats Your Name
Show Me The Way

They were all £1 each from poundworld - bargain.

In addition I got the three Essies from TkMaxx for £7.00 in the clearance section.

They are...

Chocolate Cake
Tiny Wine-ey

I have never owned any Essies before so I am looking forward to having a go with them.

If there are any more nail challenges about let me know, I am happy to participate

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