Monday, 30 July 2012

MoneySavingExpert Challenge - Violet Nails

I blink and it is Monday before I know it. Must admit had a wonderful weekend with my husband and the hound, although we did have to go and see the new Batman film. But hey, it is extra wife points for when I want to do something very girly. I am already adding them up for Twilight in November ;)

So, my violet nails. I am never quite sure of the difference between Violet and Purple, but to me it sounds like it has more Blue in it, so I went for very blue shaded bright colour. Then, inspired by the new OPI Man With a Golden Gun top coat which is 18kt gold.

But, as this isn't released yet, I got my sticky mitts on a £1shop favourite, Chit Chat Gold. I admit it stinks like you wouldn't beleive, but it contains the most beautiful gold hexes and tiny dots and when it is on it looks like when we used to used gold leaf in art at school. ( I bet schools are that poor these days they don't flash this about)

So, my uses are

Accessorize - Electric Purple
Chit Chat - Gold


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