Friday, 13 July 2012


Last weekend for a reason I can't really remember I decided to start cataloguing my varnish collection. I have this wonderful idea about knowing exactly what I can, and can't stamp with and hopefully cross reference it to pictures of me actually wearing it.

This has brought about a few shocking realities to me though
1 - I have more nail varnish than I never thought I would have
2 - I have never worn most of it
3 - I am a saddo who loves excel.

So far I have done my glitters/topcoats, Greens, Oranges and Yellows and I am already at 110. The biggest sections of purples and pinks are yet to come.

I have a wonderful friend who is going to Spain very shortly and she has kindly agreed to bring back some Catrice and Essence colours for me that I don't already have - yay, but in addition to this I am also hoping to make an order to brazil for some Jade Holografico's and Luducrana colours. Lets hope I can get it organised as it should be very exciting.

So girls, should I set myself a task of using every one of my polishes at least once by Christmas? Must admit it is going to be a tight thing to do, but if I start right away I might do okay. Also, would it count if I use them on others, so long as I get the pictures?

Anyway, onto todays nails.

I am having an awful time at work, and to be honest home isn't all that great either. Having quite a peaceful happy family I find it really hard when others don't have that same dynamic. But, I suppose it is horses for courses. So, with all this pent up feeling inside I decided it had to be neon, and nothing is more neon that China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise. Now I didn't have alot of time, so it had to be a flat colour with nothing fancy, but it cheered me up all day. ( esp as it was one of my unused!)

Here are the pictures, and what do you think...


  1. Love it! Beautiful colour. Really need to get myself some China Glaze...
    I hope work and home gets better soon x

  2. TUT is lovely, looks great on you, I didn't buy it, looked blah against me somehow. Take care. x