Sunday, 22 July 2012

MSE Challenge - Week 5 - Blue

So it is already another week in the MSE challenge and I can't quite get over how time is flying.

Blue is a nice one for me as I have a choice of polishes, and can't wait to use them all.

Little Finger - Color Club - Hydrangea Kiss
Ring Finger - Miss Sporty - 456
Middle Finger - Sally Hansen -  Flash
Index Finger - No 7 - Poolside Blue
Thumb - No 7 - Betty Bloo

In addition to these lovely polishes I have managed to catalogue my nail varnish collection and added it to my blog. ( you should see a tab at the top) and I have added a tab for the nail varnishes I have loved

So, another personal challenge for myself is I am going to use ALL of my polishes before Christmas. On the inventory there are links to the blog posts I have put up with them in, so everyone can see.

So, at the moment I have about 200 polishes I need to get through, and my friend is bringing me a scary amount back from Spain for me...Does anyone else have masses of unused polishes, or is it just me?

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