Monday, 16 July 2012

Monday and I am in love...

I am posting this a little early, because amazingly I saw someone post a picture of a manicure virtually the same as mine. How amazing is that!

So, after all the colour and stamping and blah of the last few days I wanted something understated and pretty. So, I dipped into my new purchases and grabbed one of my first Leighton Denny's, Prim and Proper. I have never owned one before but I was really impressed with the viscosity of the polish and how well it covered. Within two coats it was a perfect coating of understated nude. But, to be true to myself had to use a bit of Nubar Lavender Shimmer over the top which is not at all Lavender and very beige but with a pretty holographic multi sized glitter.

So, without further ado here are the pictures... But before I leave the polish count is up to 150! I added the purples today.

PS Good luck to the other lady who has this manicure today, she has a first date tonight...bless xx


  1. I don't like the brush and find some of his colours a little boring but they go on so well and dry really glossy.
    As you like greens try Jail Bird, its stunning.

  2. I love nudes with glitter on top, it always looks so good and sophisticated!

  3. Oh you are the best. I will keep you in the loop on this date situation. If nice nails guaranteed a nice date, this would be a win for sure.

  4. I'm a big fan of understated. I think this looks lovely.