Sunday, 8 July 2012

The weekends here, so let it be grey, and sparkly

Trying to go out of my comfort zone again with this one, as I NEVER wear grey nail varnish. However, I am quite chuffed with the results.

I used two coats of Essence Got a Secret and one coat of Color Club Backstage Pass. Must admit I am quite chuffed with the results. Backstage pass is lovely, it is silver, purple and pale pink hexes in a clear jelly. Om Nom Nom!


  1. Very cool. I sure wish I had Color Club near me:(

  2. Looks good,suits your skintone too. xx

  3. Sally where do you get Essence polishes from? I've never seen any in stores anyhere.

  4. Thanks Alison.

    Amy, I got them when I was in Tenerife, but there is a spanish website you can get them from. Will get it when I am back on the PC thibk it is macquelliage or something like that.