Saturday, 21 July 2012

Miss Eliza Bennett lands in 2012

When I was but a young slip of a lass there was a BBC dramatisation of Pride and Prejudice on the TV. Luckily it was a book I was studying at school, but more importantly I completely and utterly fell in love with the story and one of the main characters - Eliza Bennett. I cannot tell you how much I longed for the long dresses and tight curls of the time, it all looked fantastic.

So into the modern day and my friend pops around to borrow some nail varnishes, and brings her two lovely step daughters, one who amazingly looks just like Eliza Bennett with her hair up. I was dead impressed but didn't say anything as I am not sure a cool 16 year old would be so impressed with a middle aged friend of her step mum commenting.

However, in borrowing the nail varnishes she did a really lovely manicure with something I would never have put together. White polish with white glitter over the top. It looked super cool when it was done, so I thought I would do it for my blog.

So grateful that it is sunny today as it makes the colours all the more special. I used a base of Color Club 'French Tip' and topped it off with probably too much Sinful Colors 'Opal Glitter. I really like the effect and now I am thinking what other combinations could I do like this.

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