Monday, 29 October 2012

A Brighter Day, A Brighter Future.

So, going from the moaning and misery of yesterday I felt I should pull myself up by my bootstraps and sort things out. Got myself up and out and went to work, which was a proper positive step. It wasn't easy, but I have some wonderful friends there and I was felt very supportive.

So as October comes to a close I have still got a pink accent with a crackle from W7 with undies of lime florescent green also from W7. Really liked it, although the crackle went a bit too crackle and left gaping holes across the green. It felt proper funky.


  1. Gorgeous, Great contrasting colours!

    Jazz x

  2. I love how bright this is. I don't know you but I am always proud when people "pull themselves up by the bootstrap" and "just do it." Sometimes that is all we can do. :-)