Saturday, 6 October 2012

Duochrome Special

If summer was the season of holographics and neons, autumn is the season of duochromes. They are absolutely everywhere and they are something I really really love. I have got a few ( whistles) and decided to combine them all in one post. It is very picture heavy, so I have made them small, but clickable if you want to see close up.

The first is absolutely amazing. It is from Rimmel's Metal Rush range, and is called Pearly Queen. It looks to be a very pale lilac in the bottle with a golden shimmer. But out of the bottle it really comes to life. It will fly from cream to lilac and even has a hint of a very pale mint green at points.

It did take three good coats to get rid of any visible nail line which I just cannot stand, but it is worth it and looks amazing. I got mine from Boots for £3.99.

 Next up is another Rimmel Metal Rush, but this one is called Purple Reign. Must admit this is the least duochrome of the lot. It wanders very slightly from burgundy to purple and has a hint of gold. But, it does have lovely coverage and dries very evenly. It could have easily held with just one coat, but I did two as a matter of habit. This again was £3.99 from Boots.

Now for one of my favourite brands of polish. I love Miss Sporty polish and one thing I pledged to myself when I started this blog and recently again on the  forum is that I wouldn't become a polish snob. I wouldn't become obsessed with really expensive polishes and indies, but try and use things anyone can get their hands on anywhere.

Miss Sporty is a budget range of polish. I think it is aimed at teens. They tend to have bright colours and trendy ones, but they are only £1.99, and they wear really well and are just adorable. The only thing that gripes me is they don't have names on the bottles, they are numbers.

So without further ado, here is 030. The best way I can explain this it is an opaque version of Models Own 'Indian Ocean' Its a pale blue, but the duochrome goes from a pink to a silver with a hint of gold and green. The pictures just don't do this polish justice, its truly truly wonderful.

For these pictures I had two coats, and this gave a good coverage and covered the nasty vnl (visible nail line)


 I have another couple of polishes which look like Miss Sporty 030, They are Catrice Iron Mermaiden and Barry M Silvery Lilac. In the bottle they look very similar, but out the bottle they aren't that close. 030 is very much bluer than the others. Where as Iron Mermaiden and Silvery Lilac are similar other than the later has micro glitter in it.

The pictures of the bottles are on the left, and on the right are swatches on see thru nail sticks. The top one is Catrice, the second is Miss Sporty and the bottom is Barry M

Next is Miss Sporty 040. It is a very dark purple brown which has hints of bronze, gold and greenish hues. It goes on well and it would be good to go with one coat. Although again I used two as it is my normal routine. It went on really well and the colours are nice, but just not as nice as some of the others I have got today.

For some reason in my head I thought 040 was similar to Models Own 'Pinky Brown' So I put it on alternate fingers. Well, they are nothing at all alike. Infact, I may aswell have put a neon green on my fingers. But hey, I thought I would put the pictures in to give you a laugh.

So here comes my 'And Finally' Its Miss Sporty shade 010. Its a gold base, with brown and yellow in it. Must admit it isn't the most flattering on my skin, but anything too yellow doesn't suit me at all. However, it is a lovely consistency.

In summary I must say I adore duochromes. They are wonderful, especially for autumn. I just wish I could have more of them. My two favourites are Rimmel Pearly Queen and Miss Sporty 030. but I can see me wearing all of these again.


  1. I love that 'a polish snob' I am exactly the same I only buy affordable polishes! They really are just as good as the more expensive!

    Jazz x

    1. I do have some Dior, but we have a lovely lady who comes to my work and she sells the testers for £6 each. But that is as far as I go.