Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Why is my tip wear so horrible?

 I haven't put a nice big picture at the top of my post, because these nails just don't cut the mustard.

I have used models own magenta divine glitter with a china glaze black crackle topcoat. Even with tip wrap this just sucked back from the tips of my nails like chavs from a naked flame.

Other than this the mani looked amazing and would look great on a night out. I am open to any ideas.


  1. mine tend to do this with certain polishes, no matter what i do i cant seem to avoid it. it's not even certain brands either, just random colors throughout all the brands i use

  2. Do you wrap your top coat as well as the color?

  3. I've been known to file my nails after polish to reduce this effect. I don't tip wrap at all though as it just aggravates me when I can feel polish on the edges of my nails so I pick at them which makes it all rather counterproductive!

  4. This looks pretty! Love this combo on you!