Thursday, 4 October 2012

A day of two, not 'those' peaks

Absolutely love this mani, I did it this morning and it made my heart soar. The PeriPeri polish is scented, and it put me off slightly. But, over the day I have been asked several times by different folk why I am sniffing my fingers and I am glad to report it is for no reason more seedy than I have fantastic smelling polish on my fingertips. The shade is P043, and it has a wonderful cat lid.

The base polish is Sally Hansen Rose -a-go-go from the Insta-dri range. It dries matt, which was a pleasant surprise, but it is a really hungry polish and snaffled up loads of seche vite before I realised I had enough, it just wanted more.

Incredible lows today aswell. Its been nearly 5 months since my husband saw his children and it is breaking his heart, and mine. I wish there was something I could do about it, but alas, the decisions are being taken out of our hands.

I wish you all well, and if you have kiddly peeps hug them tightly tonight from me.


  1. The glitter is gorgeous! such a cute bottle!

    Jazz x

  2. I will hug them super duper tight and I do hope your babies get to see their daddy soon.
    Cheer up things are going to get better soon!!

  3. I really want a Peripera polish just for the bottle!

  4. Nice mani never heard of this brand looks lovely :D

  5. Oh those Peripera bottles are so very cute, lovely mani :-)

  6. Hello! I'm new to your blog! Looking forward to looking through all your posts. Just posting because I've been tempted to buy these polishes as I love cats!!! Does the polish go on okay, or will I be disappointed?

    Anna from Anna's Polish Addiction x

    1. Hiya Anna, Followed your blog :)

      Both of the polishes go on really well. I have lots of the Sally Hansens, but only two Peri Pera as they are more difficult to come by. Hope that helps.