Thursday, 18 October 2012

New Speciallita Glitters World

Only a short one, but look at these babies!

The Press Release Reads

A tour of the cities of the world. The Hits Speciallità launches line Glitter's World, comprising glazes who use and abuse of the colors and the effects of colored glitter. Altogether there are 20 glazes 3free (who have no toluene, formaldehyde and dpb), which are named after great cities around the world.Increasingly, contemporary and cosmopolitan, the Brazilian woman traveling and carries different cultures and ideals that exist in every region of the globe.
So it Glitter's World, in each bottle a different feel. Each city, a new story. The World's Glitter collection will be available for sale starting Monday, October 22, 2012.

Know the line Glitter's World:

Amsterdam - A city jovial and bold, with a glaze particles glitter pink, silver and blue.
Vienna - A city classic and exciting. Glitter pink, purple and white.
Ibiza - A super cool place that dictates trends. A glitter with purple and red.
Tokyo - Modernity and tradition define this city. Glitter silver, blue, pink, among others.
New York - The city of fashion. Smaller particles of glitter in blue, purple and pink.
Havana City - colorful and full of life. A glitter that is the face of this place with red, green, pink, yellow.
Athens - a city with a lot of traditional and historical baggage. Glitter white, gold and silver. Sophisticated.
Rio - Synonymous with joy, beauty and fun. Nothing like a glitter with blue, red and purple.
Moscow - A city imposing. Glitter blue with yellow
London - City Classic, pulsating fashion and trend. Glitter white and black intense.
Paris - City of love. Pink, silver, blue and very romantic.
Sydney - A city and extravagant living. Glitter blue and many colored particles.
Rome - A city known for noble and historic monuments. Colors: blue, white and purple.
Bangkok - An exotic place, different and at the same time full of tradition. Colors: dark blue and light blue.
Monaco - City that defines what is to be exclusive and sophisticated, combining beauty and joy. Glitter Purple and Red.
Shanghai - An icon of the east, a cosmopolitan city and with feet firmly planted in fashion. Glitter in purple, blue and light pink.
Beijing - The city still maintain the cultural identity of the ancient Chinese empire. Glitter in white and red.
Cancun - With its natural beauty and yet their ancestral culture, the city pulsates youthfulness, freshness and vitality. Gold glitter, pink and purple.
Cairo - An exciting city while millennial Color: light beige base with colorful glitters of various sizes.
Dubai - One of the most high in the moment. One of the most exciting and sophisticated. Glitter blue, white and orange


  1. They are look amazing, Especially Pequim, Sydney and Havana!

    Jazz x

  2. Do you know if there's anywhere you can buy these from the UK?

    1. Sam, we are having a group buy on the forum. Take a look xx