Sunday, 7 October 2012

Pinktober Rises Again

Can I admit I bloomin love Barry M, is that okay with everyone? They make polishes which stamp better and smoother than normal stamping polishes. Its amazing and inspiring.

Today I broke out another unused. Its Barry M Chameleon polish in Pink/Lilac. I put it all across my nails at first, and applied a top coat. Must admit it was hard to make sure it was even and smooth, and some of the nails have gone darker than others. I expect it needs a bit of practice. Then, I used the same polish again over the top, but stamped using my Bundle Monster plates. I think the effect is lovely and I like the two colours together. Must admit I want to get more of these chameleons now, just for stamping with!

Tomorrow I am going to have to move away from the pink theme for Breast Cancer Awareness, as I have another funeral to attend and will need a black manicure. But, will be back on it like a bonnet on Tuesday.

Wishing everyone a happy weekend


  1. Wow this looks so cool, love the two colors this polish makes. I need to get one of my UK friends to pick some of these polishes up for me!

    1. I could always help you with that if you wanted hon?

  2. That looks so awesome, I love the subtle colour combo, Just enough to make it look gorgeous!

    Jazz x

  3. I love how this mani turn out.. Very sweet and delicate look <3 Your stamping skill is good <3