Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A Step Away From Pink for Ken

I come from quite a close family. I have a lovely Auntie, she is the most practical, down to earth caring person I know. As strong as an ox and as loyal as can be. She wasn't born into my family, but my Uncle was lucky enough to have her choose to be his wife.

Her Mum died earlier this year, and sadly she lost her Dad this month. As families do we support each other at times like these. Today was his funeral. I didn't know the man personally, so whilst it wasn't emotional for me, it was emotional to see people I care about going through the trauma.

My nails today couldn't be pink for obvious reasons, so I have chosen a deep grey. Catrice London's Weather Forecast. It seemed somehow appropriate for the tears that were going to be shed. I mattified it aswell as a funeral is no place for shiny sparkly nails in my eyes.

RIP Ken, you will be missed. 

1 comment:

  1. Lovely colour sorry to hear about your aunts family, It must be so hard. Your right with your families support hopefully after a while it won't hurt as much,

    Jazz x