Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Love, Lace and Lawsuit Wedding Nails

On the forum the other day someone asked what to do for wedding day nails. Shamefully for my wedding day I wasn't into polish and I barely had time to paint mine! I just threw on a shade of No17 pale shimmery pink and that was it. 

So, if I had my time again, this is what my wedding nails would look like. A pale pink base of No7 Pinky Pure with a coat of Ninja Polish Love Lace and Lawsuits over the top. It was incredibly difficult to photograph, but I think they look lovely.

Problem is, if we renew our vows it is likely to be somewhere crazy like Vegas, so there will be no space for pretty nails like this. 


  1. Pretty pretty! What a lovely idea renewing your vows!

    Jazz x

  2. So pretty i need to try this combo!