Thursday, 18 October 2012

Possibly The Worst Polish In The World

I brought this polish about three months ago and waited for a time to use it as I thought it was really special. Well, I was wrong. It was £3.95 from Superdrug, and contains lots of different types of pink and silver glitter. Admittedly it looks quite nice in the pictures, even a little unusual. 

But... The brush is like something a witch would use to get around the sky, the bottle is tacky and the glitter is just a mess. Its hard to put on nicely as the brush makes it splay,  the handle feels cheap and tacky and the bottle was difficult to put the lid back on as it was just everywhere by the end.

The brand is Famous an it has 'Nail Addict' written on the front. If it is £1 I would grab it, any more and I would leave it where you left it. Definitely one to avoid girls.

PS this is pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, but I am almost ashamed to admit it, so I haven't even put it in the title!


PPS If anyone wants this, your welcome to it :)


  1. Oh no what a shame! It's not like superdrug to sell rubbish items either, Sorry to hear about that!

    Jazz x

  2. Oh it's so pretty though! I'm wondering whether I can deal with the terrible application issues for it! x

  3. from here it looks really reallly pretty. so sparkly and pinky goldy.