Saturday, 11 August 2012

31 Day Challenge #11 Spots

Oh I love spots, they are lovely and dotting is my first love. I liked dotting with pens, I love dotting with tools and I adore dotting with stamps. Instead of dreading it like the gradient, I was proper looking forward to this.

Had a bit of luck today and found 5 Sally Hansen Instadry polishes in our local poundland, so snaffled those. They were Uptempo Plum, Presto Pewter, Quick Brick, Bronze Ablaze and Emerald Express. Never owned one of this line of polishes before, but love the Sally Hansens I have so I thought I would give it a go. The colours were also really me. Adore the green, it is just yummy,

Onto the manicure. I have been desperate to use one of my new kiko polishes, therefore I based it around those. I picked a lovely brown/grey/purple ensemble 320 Beige Mauve. I coupled it with one of my new Sally Hansens, Uptempo Plum

Here are the results

Before I go I must admit this post comes courtesy of Westons Raspberry Twist cider. I don't usually drink, but it has gone down very nicely. Following this announcement are the other wonderful un drunk bloggers who are taking part in this challenge.


  1. very cute.....I have done my nails courtesy of good beer many an evening, and I've blogged many more times in a drunken state :-P

  2. I like the contrasting polka dots!