Thursday, 9 August 2012

Things I would tell my 18 year old self...

I read an article this morning about a lady who’s daughter was going to college in the USA. She gave her daughter tips on what she wished she had known before she set off to college, and it triggered a thought in me, What would I tell my 18 year old self, looking back with 18 years more experience behind me. So these are my thoughts.

1.       Live
Life is way to short and things can change at any moment. Don’t be frightened to agreeing to do something and make the most of every second. You never know when an opportunity will come again, so do it and take loads of photographs. When things are bleak your memories will give you something to smile about and keep insomnia from the door.
2.       Cherish your Parents
Without doubt they cramp your style and nag and moan. But your dad will be gone before you can blink. Ask all the questions you need to know the answer to, don’t be scared of getting close when its near the end because you might cry and don’t let anyone ruin the good memories you have. You will need those when he has gone to mop up the tears and let you move on.
3.       Men
Men are like shoes, some are bright, some are sparkly, some look nicer but are uncomfortable to wear, some are ugly but practical. There is a pair out there which fits you like a glove and when you find them you never want to take them off. When you find them cherish them like they are an extension of yourself. Don’t mistake Lust for Love. Its easily done, but Love will last throughout and involves someone stimulating your brain as much as your body.
4.       People
People will come, people will go, but the most important people who really care for you will be there no matter what. Learn to trust people and never be dragged into caring for someone more than they care for you. It will only end in tears. Don’t hold grudges, and forgive easily. Everyone makes mistakes, you included. Treat people how you want to be treated, and realise those who will never return this gesture. There is nothing wrong with them, but don’t put them on a pedestal, they don’t deserve it. There are people you will have to tolerate in the future, regardless of how much you don’t like them. Do it with a smile and good grace, but never be fooled into thinking they have anything else on their agenda but selfish and cruel thoughts. Life is a little like facebook, you start out wanting the most friends ever, but after a bit you realise that most of the people out there aren’t your friend at all or just want to play Farmville. Don’t be scared of trimming and only focusing on the few with something interesting to say.
5.       Eyes
Look after your eyes, when you start to have problems with them see someone about it. Don’t leave it until its too late. This goes for the rest of your health aswell. Have regular smear tests, think more about what you eat. Take the tablets you are given and don’t be scared of asking for help, anxiety is a medical condition, not just something in your head. It will get better, but you have to address your demons first. Your strong and you can achieve it

Oh, and for the polishaholic inside me, stock up on OPI limited editions as soon as you can, you will miss those babies when they are goneJ

For those interested here is a link to the original article

Would love to know what other people would tell their 18 year old selves, and have included an inlink below for anyone who has a blog/webpage and wants to join in.

PS for the nail polish girlies I promise I will be back on topic later today


  1. I like this! I may do it if I have time. I especially like the part about people.

    1. Would love to read other peoples takes on this. Think we would all have loads the same, and loads different.

  2. That is fantastic, I have had a go as well ...

  3. I agree with so much of your list, I would probably add - be selfish sometimes, it might feel good to please others, but not at the cost of your own health and well being, even people you care for can drag you down, some times intentionally, sometimes without meaning to.

    1. Completely agree with that one. Its far too easy to forget what you need yourself and always put others first.