Tuesday, 14 August 2012

31 Day Challenge, #14 Flowers

Part of me thinks that this should stand as my delicate entry, as I am finding it really had to do something delicate when this is just so damn pretty.

For flowers I have stamped. I have used Catrice - Dirty Berry as my base and the stamping polish is Barry M Lilac foil. I really like the effect and that it is something more suble than I would usually wear. However, I do like garish so will be happy to pop back to that after tomorrows delicate challenge. The stamping plate I used was DRK-A which I must admit I am completely in love with. I am hoping to get DRK-B very soon. It is just so much easier when the stamp covers your whole thumb/finger with ease.

Here are the other people taking place in the challenge

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