Thursday, 23 August 2012

31 Day Challenge #23 Inspired By A Film and BFF Challenge Inspired by The Movies

Being a soppy soul this one again is for my husband, and I hope one day when he happens upon this he realises that even though his darkest days I was here for him, thinking about him more than he ever knew.

So, instead of picking a good film to inspire my nail art, I picked Star Wars. Yes girls, your right, bloomin Star Wars.

As I have five fingers I decided to do five different characters. Now, I am not too good at the painting, and all of this has been done using nail varnish and tiny nail art brushes, so I hope you can excuse me for it not being 100% perfect. The characters I have focussed on are R2D2 ( the little white computer man), C3P0 (the golden computer man), Chewbacca ( the hairy one), Boba Fett ( my husbands favourite one) and Darth Vader.

I have used a myriad of polishes to do this, but I will list them by finger, so you have half a chance.

R2D2 Little Finger
Color Club - French Tip
No7 Poolside Blue

C3PO Ring Finger
Accessorize Jewel
Barry M Instant Effects Gold Foil
Unnamed Gold

Chewbacca Middle Finger
Essie Chocolate Cakes
China Glaze Midtown Magic
Sally Hansen Insta-dri Slick Slate
China Glaze Ingrid
Stargazer Chrome

 Boba Fett Index Finger
Technic Sea Foam
NYC City Blackout
Sally Hansen Insta-dri Quick Brick

Darth Vader Thumb
NYC City Blackout
Revlon Black with Envy
Stargazer Chrome

Here are the pictures

Here are the other people taking part in the challenges interpretation of the theme

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  1. lots of my friends love star wars!
    im not a fan though but i have to say that i was wow-ed by the effects!

    great mani!