Friday, 3 August 2012

BFF Bloggers Challenge - Animals

Well, this is a favourite topic of mine. After years and years of wanting and needing I now have my very own fur baby. He is called Dobby and he is a now 15 week old Cockapoo puppy ( cocker spaniel/miniature poodle). I will freely admit I never knew how much work a puppy would be, but I wouldn't change him, or a minute of it for the world.

So, when it comes to an animals challenge this can be the only answer. Before the pictures of nails, this little fella is Dobby. ( covered in dog bubbles)

For this I have used,
- NYC City Blackout
- Unnamed Brown Jelly ( because although he is back, he has tinges of brown around him)
- DRK-A for the puppy prints
- Konad Special polish in white for the paw prints and the hand drawn heart (because I loves him)

Here are the other ladies who are taking part in the challenge


  1. awwww
    what a lovely dog!
    im sure you love him to bits!
    i also did paw prints!

  2. cute. i love the heart

    he's a super cutie!!!

  3. Adorable mani and adorable lil baby!! Animals are so much fun. <3

  4. Awwww! What a cute little pup your Dobby is! Life is good when you have a furry companion. My dog is 12 and she is by my side most of the time. I love my little dog. Such a cute mani too! :)

  5. Thank you for all your kind comments. I absolutely adore him, even if he spends most of his life trying to nibble me!

    He is off for his first groom this morning - yay

  6. Aww cute dog and great nails!