Friday, 3 August 2012

31 Day Challenge - Day 3 - Yellow ( and awesome nail mail)

So it is day 3 and we are already on Yellow. Now for people who have read parts of my blog before it isn't my favourite colour by a long shot, but hey. I thought I would once again do my own interpretation of it. So I have gone for Yellow Gold :) See what I did there.

So, I have used two coats of Miss Sporty Gold Backstage and slipped over the top of it a couple of coats of Color Club Gingerbread. I think it looks quite nice. Although I could have done better as I painted my friends nails and work and used a coat of Barry M Gold Foil nail paint, a konad stamp of leopard print and then picked uot some of the spots using Gingerbread. It looked amazing, I just didn't have the camera with me to take pictures!

But now shall we get onto the exciting stuff? Woot Woot

Firstly are my first tip toes back into the world of Nails Inc. Must admit I loved Nails Inc in the past when I was a slip of a lass. But I liked it for the name and the formula was actually not something that suited me. But, I saw these babies and couldn't resist. I only got the two colours incase in didn't suit me anymore but the Pink Diamond was only £6.50 and the Emerald £8.50 with free delivery from

Now onto the next pretties. I have heard loads of good things about Kiko polish, but the only way to purchase it was to have a delivery more than £25. It took a few days to get my head around this because it meant buying a shed loads of polish. But hey, I have the room to store them and they were a fantastic price, so let me introduce you to...

278 Violet  Orchid Micro Glitter
255 Violet Micro Glitter
263 Dark Violet
320 Beige Mauve
381 Purple Grey
397 Kiko Duochrome Aureus Pomegranete
228 Sparkle Transparent Microglitter
388 Carribean Green


260 Metallic Pink Microglitter
277 Blueberry Glitter
361 Raspberry Pink
383 Oil Blue
300 Pearly Malachite Green
339 Cornflower
267 Sky Blue

For anyone interested I ordered them from

Please take a look at the other people taking part in this challenge.


  1. what I love about these challenges is that they are up for interpretation! Gold is totally yellow!!

  2. I saw the Nails Inc on ASSOS, but managed to resist, those Kiko look fantastic.

  3. Gorgeous manicure, i loveee the Color Club! And awesome nail mail too! :)***