Tuesday, 7 August 2012

MSE Challenge Week 6 & 31 Day Challenge Day 6 - Black and White

Yesterday was a lucky day. Firstly my friend came back to work. This was an advantage in so many ways. Firstly, she does the same job as me so my workload got a little easier, Secondly she brought my nail mail home with her. Woo Woo! Thirdly, I don't like talking to people about 'stuff' and will tend to just keep it inside, so with everything that has been happening at the moment it is great being able to talk to someone who understands and trusts.

But no one wants to hear about that, so lets hit the nails. I am a lucky lass that these two collided as I was knackered yesterday. I was so knackered that I didn't realise they collided until I came to take the first one off to prepare to do black and white again. What a tard!

Anyway, I went for a bit of a retro pattern from a BBM stamp, and used

Color Club - French Tip White
Konad - Special Polish - Black

I really really loved this, although it doesn't come out as good in the pictures as it looked in real life.

The other people taking part in this challenge can be found at the following web address for the MSE'ers


and are the following people for the 31 day challenge.

Now onto the exciting stuff.

Nail mail, woo hoo. I am lucky enough that my friend's parents live in Torremelinos, so I could have some Essence and Catrice delivered to them which where stupid expensive to post to me in the UK. I am forever grateful to them for accepting the parcels ( Although I have heard they were bemused about the whole thing)

So here are the pics, and the names of the polishes

Essence Twins
Romeo and Julia
Bella and Edward
Chuck and Blair
Gabriella and Troy

Absolutely Chinchilly
Greys Kelly
Londons Weather Forecast
Aretha's R-E-S-Pink
Raspberry Fields Forever
Sold Out Forever
Khaki Perry

Rusty But Sexy
Salmon and Garfunkel
Essence Color and Go
Time for Romance
Make it Golden
Essence Snow White
Evil Queen
Prince Charming ( I think this is a dupe for a NYC polish)
The Huntsman
Catrice Million Styles
Million Dollar Baby
If anyone has any more of the twins they don't want, please let me know as I would love the full set!


  1. This is cool! I also love those Essence Snow White polishes!

  2. Wow! Great haul! And I love that mani, I love a good black and white stamping pattern =)

  3. I bought all three of those Snow White toppers too. Don't think i've used them yet.
    I love the Twins as well - but then i love glitters

  4. Love the retro looking mani!