Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Comparison Time! - NYC Lights-Camera-Glitter vs Essence Prince Charming

From the outset I should probably explain that I don't care about dupes very much. I get a kick from owning a certain something or other. Luckily for me my obsession with polish doesn't just involve expensive brands, so these were two quite cheap alternatives.

Here are all the swatches I took, NYC is always on the left, Prince Charming is always on the right. The swatches are
- 1 layer over black
- 1 layer over white
- 1 layer on its own
- 2 layers on their own

 Some of the next pictures are slightly blurry, but it meant that you could see that the smaller glitters were slightly reflective and very pretty.

One Coat over Black, NYC left, Prince Charming right.

One coat over White, NYC  left, Prince Charming  right

One Coat on its own, NYC left, Prince Charming Right

Two Coats on their own, NYC left, Prince Charming right.

I think the only real difference in the polishes is that NYC has some pale pink hexes in it, but they aren't loads of them, and the holographic glitter pieces in Snow White are slightly larger, but there are less of them.

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  1. Awesome comparison!! Another similar one (judging by these photos) is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Ice Queen. :D
    (I am following your blog wheee :D)