Saturday, 18 August 2012

BFF Challenge - Texture and awesome nail mail

Must admit the texture challenge had me stumped for days, i just didn't know what to do. I did dabble with a glitter gradient, but it just wasn't getting me. Then I was going to do a ciate style caviar manicure, but to be honest it looked pants and I hate the way there are gaps. So I used the balls to go on like studs in a leather jacket. But instead of a leather jacket I used my new Kiko Duochrome pinky/gold. Must admit I am completely in love with the results.

What do you think?

Here are the other lovely ladies taking part in this challenge

Sally Of Nail Pron

In addition to the lovely nails I have received some fabby nail mail. Last weekend I got a few Sally Hansen Insta-dri's from a £1 shop near me. They were such a joy to apply and to use I had a scout on the internet and found some more of the lovelies. Also, they are good to stamp with :) So, I got the following shades!

From left to right : Grape Going!, Lively Lilac, Presto Pink, Instant Iris, Flashy Fuchsia, Speedy Sunburst, Magenta Motion and Wined Up

From left to right : Petal Pusher, Slick Slate, Quick Sand, Essie Ridge Filling Basecoat, Silver Sweep, Golden Flash and Metallic Moment

Finally there was Whirlwind White, Blue Streak and Blue Brisk.

I paid £1.50 each for the Sally Hansen's and £2.50 for the base coat from and the postage was only £2.99 for first class and my order from Thursday night arrived this morning (Saturday). Would thoroughly recommend them for anyone interested. They have lots of discounted brands. ( even Butter London for £9.99)


  1. how cute!
    i can't remember the term used for this..
    i think it's like nailsaurus...
    or something like that.

    i also hate caviar mani, especially since i always let my hair down. i can't finger-comb my hair when i do caviar mani.

  2. I wish i could get away with this!