Monday, 27 August 2012

MSE Challenge - Gradient

I am running a week out of kilter, and I have made the preparations for my rainbow, but I won't be able to complete it until this afternoon. So, I decided to get my diddle on with the gradient.

Now, if you have viewed my blog in the past you will know how successful my gradients are and that they are something I just adore doing - NOT. ( this is the last effort ) but I decided to take on all the suggestions I have received and went for a darker second colour to try and emphasise the gradient. I also was a bit more brave with the dabbing and used a sponge with a bit of a more open texture. Well, you ladies are damn amazing as it only bloomin worked.

Admittedly, this still isn't as sleek as I would like it looking, but I feel it is a massive improvement on last time and I may even try another without having to!

Oh, I am still recording this as the MSE Challenge, but we had to move from MSE as we weren't welcome anymore. We have moved to a new forum at . We discuss nails and stuff and everyone is welcome, so please come along.

Now for the pictures.

To see how the other ladies who are completing the challenge have done, please have a spy here

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