Tuesday, 21 August 2012

31 Day Challenge - Inspired by a Colour

I think the last 10 days of this challenge are mean't to be the ones that push you to your limits, but I am interesed to face up to it.

My first love is pink, I am a pink girly girl and have always been that way. Last year in October my nail polish addiction started with 8 pink polishes and someone being pleasant about my nail painting on facebook and now I am here August with 350 polishes and writing a blog I never thought anyone would read.

However, here I am going to pay tribute to the first colour I used when I stepped out of my comfort zone of pink with the occasional purple and I am using green. I didn't realise until I put the first green polish on my fingers exactly how wonderful it would look and how much I loved the look of it against my skin.

For this I have broken out one of my favourite dior polishes, no 504 Waterlily. But to make it a bit more special and green I dabbled similar shaded glitter onto the tips. I always love this type of mani and think it looks so special. I am also very lucky to have a lady who comes to my workplace and sells discounted Dior polish. Woo Hoo!

So here are the pictures. Enjoy.

Here are the other ladies taking part in the challenge

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